The ocean is within us and all around us. It is the air we breathe; the food we eat; the water we drink. It supports all life.

It is a world unto itself; an earth-bound outer space, barely understood yet so often taken for granted. It inspires wonder, sparks curiosity and commands respect.

The ocean engages our spirit, fortifies our health and connects us to each other with its wild abundance and its vast, relentless energy.

We have always needed the ocean, and now the ocean needs us.

It has absorbed the heat of our modern world, tolerating our habits, and is forever changed—as are we, navigating extreme weather and a changing climate, less resilient and more fragile than ever before.

Communities with less are feeling the impacts more. It is urgent that we change the trajectory of our planet's health. We will create our own future with our decisions, our actions and our choices. We can do better.

A tidal shift is upon us. It is time for a #SeaChange.

It starts with us, here, at home, so we are hard at work, sharing the wonders and lessons of the aquatic world with our city and our guests; restoring the intricate aquatic habitats of the Chesapeake Bay and bringing nature back to neighborhoods across Baltimore that thirst for the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of green space and fresh air, because we know that understanding what lies beneath the water's surface can inspire us to protect it.

It starts with you, wherever you are, because so much relies on your small, thoughtful choices, and the change only you can create when you act on behalf of the ocean that has given us so much.

There are tides in your veins; harness their power. Let it propel you to a better tomorrow. You are the Sea Change that the world has been waiting for, and when we work together, we are as powerful as the ocean itself. Join us.